Submarine Network

Dalkom Somalia is the largest shareholder in EASSy, a >10Tbps submarine fibre cable interconnecting nine countries along Africa’s eastern seaboard. Dalkom Somalia has also made strategic investments in EIG and WACS (connecting Africa’s northern and western seaboards respectively) and owns capacity on other systems, including SAT3/SAFE, SEACOM, SMW3 and TEAMS. This enables it to offer telecom carriers high levels of redundancy and to deliver on the promise of reliable, high-speed connectivity all around Africa. Dalkom Somalia delivers a comprehensive east+west coast diversity proposition addressing customer demands for resilient connectivity into and out of Africa.

African Terrestrial Network

Dalkom Somalia’s network integrates the terrestrial fibre networks of its shareholders and partners, creating the largest terrestrial fibre footprint throughout southern and eastern Africa. It extends across more than 55,000km of terrestrial fibre-optic network interconnecting more than 500 African locations across 30 countries.

International Network

Dalkom Somalia’s international reach extends to 100 cities in 29 countries in Europe and more than 700 cities in 70 countries globally.